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even in August there’s the feeling of beginning

dawn’s … well, early isn’t it, really – layabout light, aug ’18, hobbithouse the beginning of honest acknowledgement that there are problems to be dealt with.the beginning of ‘but it’s now, and the future. Nothing about before really truly matters’the… Continue Reading →

even in August, quiet nights fly by so quickly

other-worldly coloration, but it looks sooooo soft – Aug ’18, durhamtown ‘write every day. give a speech, make a podcast every week’ – hmmm… well that’s a good idea, eh? bright beautiful western light, a play room with the best… Continue Reading →

August in the hinterland

Using the Gutenberg editor for WordPress – go me! was talking about technology and the challenge of embracing never-ending change. I like to use the Sangertown Mall example – they paved a swamp, built a mall on it and … tada!!… Continue Reading →

because even in August I want to be helpful!

So, in my trek there was discussion that theoretically was in my sphere of knowledge – 4-wheel-drive vans. I am fairly sure I wasn’t as expressive as I could have been, but in my defense “sleep dep” can be fun,… Continue Reading →

even in August, my capacity for flumuxed-ness is amazing!

hangin’ in with a hope and a Prayin’ – durhamtown, aug 2018 So here we go again. Again. yet once more, eh?how the hell are you? you doing ok? you well? I hope so. Ever have hopes and then have… Continue Reading →

phone photos

perhaps? seems to be there…let us save & post

oddly in july, old & new, life is great

indescribable joy a bit plays in the living roomsisters love envelopeshope shinesmy heart swells

oddly in July everything is precious and nothing is precious

a helping hand can make a chore more enjoyable – Jul ’18, hobbit house Preciousness. oh, the years hours days I’ve spent worrying about everything. How my child is going to destroy the kindness offering of our friends children’s luggage. … Continue Reading →

oddly, July is both an ending and a beginning

clouds float in, clouds float out – my mind is a frenzy pack of rabid sloths pondering life – durhamtown, Jul ’18 So here we are.Wrapping things up.Waiting/hoping to start anew once more. I’ve been pondering the stuttering stops that… Continue Reading →

oddly in July, thoughts of community

Lucky, definitely – Jul ’18, American Tobacco Campus, durhamtown Community. It’s not just a funny show on TV! Currently I’m a big fan of where I live – durhamtown has been a nice place to be. But it’s not the… Continue Reading →

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