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Month July 2001


ttocslandJuly 30th, 2001The Earth Turning… round and round. I sometimes feel the speed – it makes me tilt. I like it. are we having fun yet? Let me know…

it’s thursday – time for a recap…

ttocslandJuly 26th, 2001Current Mood: happy26Jul01 + 10:14pm PDT = Thursday Well. Let’s see – did Baja Fresh for dinner, had a pleasant stroll around the block with Alicia, and I’ve been downloading too much cool music – The Pixies, Crash… Continue Reading →

A birthday post … post.

ttocslandJuly 25th, 2001Current Mood: goodCurrent Music:The Cassandra Project – Permanent Excuse25Jul01 + 5:58pm PDT = Wednesday Root balls and Bowfluff – ask Carol Turning 33 – ask the both of us! Looking for work – that’d be me! Waiting. Waiting… Continue Reading →

A Wednesday evening with Scott …

ttocslandJuly 18th, 200118Jul01 + 9:35pm PDT = Wednesday Alicia’s felt better. I’m hacking my web site. and life goes on. Hope it all works out in the end for the best. I’m sure it will! Looking at all the crap… Continue Reading →

I’ve got a friend in….

ttocslandJuly 9th, 2001punkalicia!!! that makes me happy! :sW:

Apparently, Saturday afternoon …

ttocslandJuly 7th, 200107Jul01 + 1:21pm PDT Did you like the splash page picture extravaganza? I sure hope you did. I stayed up really late coding that! Been busy out at Amgen again – yippee for the money, ugh for the… Continue Reading →

cool techno band ref!!! weeeee…

ttocslandJuly 1st, 2001Current Mood: cranky01Jul01 + 8:08(state)pm PDT At 5:30pm Eastern time, Zachary was baptized. God bless, God speed. and welcome. You’re in good hands, and I hope your life is filled with as much happiness as you’ve brought to… Continue Reading →

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