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Month August 2001

Here’s a Monday morning at 4 am!

ttocslandAugust 27th, 2001Current Mood: tired27Aug01 + 4:24am PDT = early Monday Hey yeah – it’s early, and I’m sleep depraved!! Had a great evening out with one Mr. Christopher Bailey – the man, the myth, the legend!! Yes, the one… Continue Reading →

diamond crucifix in his ear…

ttocslandAugust 24th, 2001left his soul in someone’s rented car. pur water filters. not on the shelves. majestic? I think so…

who knows when I wrote any of this…

ttocslandAugust 9th, 2001Current Mood: thoughtfulCurrent Music:Woodpecker! – Earwax09Aug01 + 10:21pm PDT = Thursday (we interrupt… Friday morning – 7:39am or so…) Hey – just put T H I S together {{sledding/sledding01.html}} – it’s some pics from Alicia and I visiting… Continue Reading →

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