January 6th, 2003
10:11pm + 06Jan03 = monday evening…

post pizza, post 70’s show. had a great chat with blood… and thought I’d add to my site a bit. From this past weekend of fun and frivalry…

12:58am + 05Jan03 = late saturday night…

Jit rapping. Heather the wench covers Prince in nothing much more that a smile!!! Crazy crazy christy in the little yellow room.

got home after the preview run of Songs of Joy and Destitution at the Open Fist…
wow. in at 8 – out at 11:30…

some club punk’s on the amigo’s front bumper – punk ass loses his back plate. so much for mr. nice guy….

This Human Condition – what went through my mind…

10:33am (later this same morning…)
ok. bageled and coked – trying to figure out where to go what to do with such a beautiful day – jeremiah says ‘going’ to autoshow, and I’m not sure I want to spend the afternoon inside…

this human condition. it’s a take on Public Radio’s ‘this american life’ – from which I’ve had a number of enjoyable listening occasions. I thought of it as I sat through the first act of Songs of Joy and Destitution. For those not on the west coast, and thus probably not getting a chance to take the show in for yourself… it’s the story of the Trojan Women, from greek times, epic battle tale with the horse showing up at the end (or so I’m told). Well, a modern take on it was performed, with a dozen or so ladies speaking as if they were Bagdahd women – from the era of Poppy Bush’s Desert War. Kind of made me stop and ponder the whole “what do we really know” feeling. As in, yes – I, like a number of other americans, took my Gulf War from CNN footage. Lots of high tech munitions hitting crosshairs. Well, the story speaks of the lady’s who had just arrived at the library, when a bomb struck, and the lady speaking was the only one to survive… things like that. putting faces to the countless numbers who suffered – ‘our men are dead, our husbands, fathers, brothers… sons. taken off to war and now dead’ was the sentiment. Hadn’t thought of it before, which made me sad and ashamed.

The story continues, with an assortment of historical figures acting out scarily modern tales – i.e., the vicotors coming in after the war and taking the women… and it led me to ponder – it’s not the iraqis, nor the afghanastanis, nor the taliban, nor any other such trite political/cultural choice for war. No. it’s that we are human. it’s not our god is better – it’s we want your stuff. it’s not to keep madmen from inflicting their ways on the weak and innocent – no, it’s because we’re humans who don’t use the brains god gave us.

And thus, a thought train that had these other cars attached: What can I do. From Crunchland, where they were discussing our constitution, where rights come from, and other fabulous things. Well – I know maybe 20 good people who might listen – if they know 20, and so on and so forth –
mr. bush – I will suffer no longer. return these rights to everyone or leave. this is what the constitution says, and you sowre to uphold it. since you’re not doing it – go.
i’m not a good judge of what should be done, but I’m as good as many to say what HAS been done. when you did this – you broke that rule – you were and are wrong. tally up the points – get heads to roll.

but what to pressure the change on? we’re all doing ‘ok’ – volunteers come from people who have the luxury of time to offer, eh? so if you have time you’re either – well off or really bad off…

how to move forward – have to know where you’re going….
the lexus analysis – make US the best damn nation – charge more for it – but be relentless in the pursuit. educate – train – set the real goals of the country out before god and man – we’ll protect our boarders – we’ll aid those in need – we’ll destabilize rich and powerful countrys – ugh – the cynicism scott… fuck

where to take the attitude… where to go to – not the show – not the distractions that make this life worthless… from the show last night – we watched cnn for the war – but never knew the names of the women who’s husbands and brothers and sons went away and never came back.

bush doesn’t fix the policies that cause the terrror – he s… smacks the hornets nest with a stick… as opposed to moving the flowers? ugh bad metaphor….

4:45pm – back from a very good visit with susie and mikie – rode the sv on mulholland… nice.

11:19pm – very windy. offf with power and all….


11:19pm – whoa – just like last night. still a little windy – still not all that fleshed out on the plan to fix the world. Damn. but at least I’ll post this – and someone out there might just read it. Yay!!! oh, some interesting words by magician extraordinare Penn Jillett can be found here… oh – been downloading Dennis Miller rants – he’s a profound, and funny guy.


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