~ from the Hunsrück to the Triangle in 25 years

Month September 2003

Only 1 in the morn … close.

ttocslandSeptember 21st, 2003Current Mood: content1:01am PDT _ 21Sep03 = early Sunday morning… Do not miss your opportunity I sit, with two pups wanting to play, a heavy handed rum and coke, Emenm singing about losing yourself … I reflect on… Continue Reading →

Hello thurs nite!!

ttocslandSeptember 18th, 2003Current Mood: goodCurrent Music:Diamond Dogs – by Beck – Moulin Rouge Soundtrack11:32pm PDT + 18Sep03 = Thurs nite.. Here they come…Come out of the garden baby, catch a death of the fogthe girls we call the diamond dogs….. Continue Reading →

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