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Month February 2004

See, I DO want to write every day…

ttocslandFebruary 13th, 2004Current Mood: okayCurrent Music:not u2, oddly enough…As for the potential ‘signs of the apocalypse’ comment from the other day, dave – let me help you remember this past fall: san diego county burns, LA county smolders, we elect… Continue Reading →

Eyes are the windows to our souls…

ttocslandFebruary 11th, 2004Current Mood: optimisticCurrent Music:U2 – Walk On, video…MS Windows is the portal to hell! enough on that subject. Vacation, dear maddening, is what we all need. from this fucked up country, and from some of our fucked up… Continue Reading →

Back Lit Palms… hi-contrast

ttocslandFebruary 10th, 2004So. surpirsed? yeah, thought you would be. But you see, I need to write. I need to have the thoughts and Ideas I possess in my brain-box come out. I need to express myself. E-X-P-R-E-S-S myself! or some… Continue Reading →

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