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Month September 2004

a grey day in the southland.

ttocslandSeptember 29th, 2004Current Mood:accomplished !!Current Music:smallville themeHow’s this for random? Xylem Design, Inc. makes a pretty nifty bifold easel. The Academy bought a few the other week, and I helped put them together. Truly cool thing was that along with… Continue Reading →

no where close to 10:30…

ttocslandSeptember 24th, 2004Current Mood:exanimate – ??Spoke with Melissa today – still working on the Pizza joint thing. Got her duplication equipment, so 307knoxrecords is on its way!!! Northern Exposure – god I dig that show. I’ve got to see if… Continue Reading →

dogs, elections, sleep

ttocslandSeptember 20th, 2004Current Mood:indescribable -??sleep broken asunder by the roar of the pack, howling with indignity.meter reader – performing duty – stoic in the face of the onslaughtdisheveled, weary, blurry eyed I stumble along a prescribed pathsuccess. numbers captured, barks… Continue Reading →

Here for the first time, again.

wow. can’t believe this is gonna happen. I had a blooger blog before – typed up a rant on the 11th of September 2001, but sadly it went into the ether and disappeard. Gonna see if I can change the… Continue Reading →

(no subject)

ttocslandSeptember 19th, 2004Current Mood:predatory – ?Current Music:nadaSunday morning. Hopeful. All things can be done, with just the right amount of planning and foresight.We enjoyed a terrific evening of beer, German food and more beer. Red Lion, over on Glendale in… Continue Reading →

well, nearly 10:30!

ttocslandSeptember 18th, 2004Current Music:Durham Rocks!Boo ran to the Fist to do a parking lot sale at 6 am this morning. 6 am. That was cute. Spoke with JD this morning – seems to be enjoying his higher education pursuit which… Continue Reading →

Stick it to the little people, cause they can’t fight back!

ttocslandSeptember 16th, 2004Current Mood:recumbentCurrent Music:silence, with dog wufflesHow can your mood be ‘recumbent’? Am I confused in thinking that’s a ‘position’ not a ‘mood’? Hmmm… guess you learn new things every day. Ever think about how you learned to learn?… Continue Reading →

10:30 production

ttocslandSeptember 14th, 2004Current Mood:Smokey!Every once in a while, I get to experience EXACTLY what I want. As I watched the sun set into the pacific, the colors slowly changing, the waves lapping at my toes – calm peacefulness slipped over… Continue Reading →

Once more into the breech…

ttocslandSeptember 12th, 2004Current Mood:determinedif you can imagine the breech being the fact that every 6 months or so I want to be more ‘productive’ in my journaling. So I write a fab entry claiming to be ‘in the mood’ and… Continue Reading →

While the CD spins…

ttocslandJune 2nd, 2004I’m burning a disc of crap from my desktop machine in the den. Canella snores gently behind me, making sure I’m ok. In the living room, I am making a VCD of Formula 1 Decade, about a race… Continue Reading →

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