September 16th, 2004
Current Mood:recumbent
Current Music:silence, with dog wuffles
How can your mood be ‘recumbent’? Am I confused in thinking that’s a ‘position’ not a ‘mood’? Hmmm… guess you learn new things every day. Ever think about how you learned to learn? Such as, how am I able to read? When I go to CNN, and go past the Kerry picks on Bush, Bush picks on America headlines, and hit “Teachers lose tax breaks for supplies” – how am I able to put those symbols together to get something that raises my blood pressure?

Probably the fault of some teacher somewhere…

What a wonderfully weird world we are living in today. Juxtapose teachers who can’t get what they need with Bushco’s ability to loot multiple countries at once. Where, exactly, are we going in such a hurry? What can we do before we get there? Can’t use Windows to safely view pictures from the outside world, and technology that you might be able to use to commit a crime is being indicted as I type. Wonder if they’ll ban language, since rebellion and revolution are seeds sowed in discussion, and spread via communications. Anyone see motorcycle diaries yet? the synopsis I heard went like this: Dude took a tour of his country, found things to be fucked up, and held a little revolution to fix some things. No idea if he was a freedom fighter or terrorist, but at least he rode a moto-cycle, eh?

And now I’m off to fix a leaky faucet… wish me luck.