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Month October 2004

Happy All Hallows Eve…

ttocslandOctober 31st, 2004Got to thinking about my history… things connected to the 31st of October and what not… Of course, for the past 8 years or so it’s been extra special – yay! Happy Boo-day, Boo! This year we got… Continue Reading →

irony, correct?

ttocslandOctober 29th, 2004Current Mood: listlessAs I was taking care of my ‘To Do’ list on my TiVo, makeing sure we had space for ‘Extreme Dodgeball II’ so Dec can catch it, I blinked back to ‘live tv’ and was on… Continue Reading →

He’s no Bob Dylan…

ttocslandOctober 27th, 2004but you have to give Eminem a tip o’ the hat for making something that matters. http://mosh.eminem.com/video/ November 2nd, 2004. So much is riding on it. :+s+

Is it wrong to do the right thing for the wrong reason?

ttocslandOctober 26th, 2004Current Mood: exanimate – ??Current Music:KROQIt’s amazing what you can get at the market. Besides the yummy and delicious apple turnovers that I’m addicted to, you can also get 10 minutes of discourse that causes a shift in… Continue Reading →

20 years on, things have changed, and yet they’re still the same.

ttocslandOctober 11th, 2004Current Mood:indifferentCurrent Music:”All There Is” by Bad ReligionAlicia falls asleep. happy to have my touch, her arms sore from the Canela’s grooming session.Matt calls, we talk for a while, good to hear his voice. Eagerness to his tone…. Continue Reading →

Concerned friends.

ttocslandOctober 8th, 2004Current Mood:okayCurrent Music:silenceKinda nice to know I have some; sad to think I’m in such disrepair that they express it… Trailer Park Boys. On BBCAmerica. Go watch it now. You will laugh.Smallville has had some very hot characters… Continue Reading →

“just because you’re going forwards doesn’t mean I’m going backwards”

ttocslandOctober 6th, 2004Current Mood:thirstyCurrent Music:the Gold Rush” by Flaming LipsEver turn your head just a bit, and realize things are pretty good? Just got back from having coffee with Bart. Good man, Bart is. Got to pet Stella and Clive,… Continue Reading →

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