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Month November 2004

Drop off the girl, pick up some groceries, turn on the XBox…

ttocslandNovember 17th, 2004Current Mood:confusedand now it’s almost 2 in the afternoon – wtf!!!! er… Halo 2 is officially bad for scott. arms and neck ache, the dogs are in heaven lying on either side of me, and I just want… Continue Reading →

Still looking…

ttocslandNovember 16th, 2004Current Mood: tiredbut what will I find? Heading off to Seattle to visit Blood come Saturday; Randy and Toni Ann were successful in their bicostal jet setting, meaning that come the end of the month we’ll not have… Continue Reading →

1,538 days. One thousand, five hundred and thirty eight days.

ttocslandNovember 5th, 2004Current Mood:determinedCurrent Music:T-dogs mixed discUntil King George is merely a drain on the taxpayers, collecting on an ill gotten pension. Until King George no longer represents all that is horrible in this country – the hate, the bigotry,… Continue Reading →

so many miles left to go…

ttocslandNovember 5th, 2004Current Mood:tiredlooked down at my odo tonight, on my way up from Redondo and hanging with Terry. 145,000 miles on my Amigo. Whoa… Good thoughts today – got out of the house, got T-dog’s laptop to connect wirelessly… Continue Reading →


ttocslandNovember 3rd, 2004Current Mood:discontentquite confused, I am. sad. angry. lost… now what? :+s+:

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