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Month December 2004

Where would you run to…

ttocslandDecember 29th, 2004if it was a matter of love? :+s+

the past few days…

ttocslandDecember 25th, 2004Current Mood:restlessfilled with things.Aunt D. doing her fabulous holiday dinner – so nice and good. Company party – delicious food – a steak with cherry sauce/juice – though garlicky – yum. T-dog’s for dinner last night – howdy,… Continue Reading →

Was your savior born on this day?

ttocslandDecember 25th, 2004Current Mood: hopefulIf you believe, I hope you do a bit to celebrate that wondrous occasion. If you are like me, perhaps you’ll ponder the teachings of this mythic figure and take a bit more of the ‘good… Continue Reading →

virtue or villany

ttocslandDecember 22nd, 2004it’s your life. you choose.

My mom’s great…

ttocslandDecember 19th, 2004Current Mood:contentshe sent a nice email today saying how she managed to overcome the challenge of downloading and installing some anti-virus software. though I’m often harsh with her over the phone, finding myself trying to use a analogy… Continue Reading →

Goodbye, CNN.

ttocslandDecember 16th, 2004Current Mood:cynicalCurrent Music: – “True Blue” by Bright EyesRe: “Birth control study flawed, new analysis finds” Due to your ‘editorial slant’ in choosing that headline to post, you’ve now lost me as a viewer. What were you thinking?… Continue Reading →

incredibly random

ttocslandDecember 12th, 2004Turning 40 just sucks. 38 was bad, but damn. foolish independence – when I’m sure of things, and don’t ask for help. have done that a lot, too much. listened to motley fool radio today – older man… Continue Reading →

as the sun blasts into our house…

ttocslandDecember 10th, 2004Current Mood:blindedCurrent Music:”Sultans Of Swing” by Dire Straits, Live Aid ConcertGuess I’ve missed the sun lately. didn’t realize it, but when I finally threw myself out of bed to handle the trash detail, the sun was on the… Continue Reading →

Where are they going when they run?

ttocslandDecember 8th, 2004Current Mood:relaxedCurrent Music:- “Fuck George Bush like his Dad” by Todd SniderCanela has been running after something for the last 5 minutes or so… perhaps just running across the open fields of her youth. just going at a… Continue Reading →

“Real is cool”

ttocslandDecember 7th, 2004Jump Cuts. Comedy Central.Helium may just equal gir as my personal favorite. +++real is cool+++

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