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Month January 2005

from scraps of paper I’ve used while in Raleigh…

ttocslandJanuary 29th, 2005Current Music:Annie Lenox – White Birdssmokey toastinflatable oddities +++7:58pm Eastern Dark Time.Three Swedish students off to LA and the west- a stop in Vegas – they’ll have fun says the steward. I’m jacked into my tunes – I’m… Continue Reading →

truth or fact

ttocslandJanuary 21st, 2005Current Music:Neil Young – Live at Vicar St.Ohio gave it to bush on 130,000 vote difference – and threw out 150,000 provisional ballots. He’s our ‘freely elected’ president like I’m the son of god. fuckers +:S:+ -11 degrees… Continue Reading →

Happy and Sad at the same time…

ttocslandJanuary 18th, 2005Current Mood:hopefulCurrent Music:I Predict A Riot” by Kaiser Chiefs70 and partly cloudy – LA-2 and sunny – Utica22 and partly sunny – DC26 and sunny – Knoxville26 and sunny – Raleigh/Durahm +++There’s a bit of a disparity here… Continue Reading →

Just some automotive thoughts…

ttocslandJanuary 16th, 2005Current Mood: geekyCurrent Music:”Time For You To Leave, William Blake…” by Neil YoungTook a walk-about at the LA Car Show the other day. Did my usual 4 hours of dreaming…Like last year I spent a good amount of… Continue Reading →

Perhaps a truer headline has never been printed…

ttocslandJanuary 13th, 2005Current Mood:melancholyCurrent Music: – “When Angels Sing” by Social Distortion“WHFS No Longer Rocks” says washpost.com. wow 99.1 was really an amazing station while I was in DC. Really. used to be addicted to the 10 pm show with… Continue Reading →

odd, isn’t it?

ttocslandJanuary 8th, 2005Current Mood:thirstyCurrent Music:The glorious sounds of WarcraftYou spend, oh, 10 hours or so milling about on a damp day, and when you get home you realize you’re incredibly thirsty for a glass of water. Hmmm…. Hopefully I’ll get… Continue Reading →

Trash day

ttocslandJanuary 7th, 2005Current Mood:goodCurrent Music:rain drops keep fallin on my head…What an inglorious thing to do right out of bed… guess that’s why most do it the night before; sadly we have people who are more than willing to redistribute… Continue Reading →

It’s good to have life make you go ‘wow….’ in the first week of the new year

ttocslandJanuary 6th, 2005Current Mood:impressedCurrent Music:The Pillows website loopevery once in a while I catch a film and am left feeling truly impressed. I recall watching Elephant while I was back in Yorkville this past summer. Not necessarily a feel good… Continue Reading →

And so it begins…

ttocslandJanuary 2nd, 2005::52 degrees, light rain::Parties with friends.Going out on the town in search of the perfect lounge. Ending up at the most fabulous of dives 6 blocks from my house.Rain. Cloudy sunshine. More rain. Realizing that time has flown,… Continue Reading →

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