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Month February 2005

Remember Ryan, my oscar pick for short animation?

ttocslandFebruary 25th, 2005http://www.nfb.ca/oscars2005/nfbpop2.html is a link to see it – in win media, QT, and Real. Go canada!!! :+S+:

well, ’tis official

ttocslandFebruary 22nd, 2005Current Mood:sadCurrent Music:postal service – silouhettesMy Amigo will be missed. :+s+:

Sunday night…ttocslandFebruary 20th, 2005Current Mood:mellowCurrent Music:AuraChime and rainHellboy is on the TV in the other room. Alicia likes the big red guy.We nibbled Boboli Pizza and watched the awesome chase sequence in Matrix II.Blue lies nearby, all happy with the… Continue Reading →

Ah, the complexity of life…

ttocslandFebruary 15th, 2005Current Mood: numbwhere change is constant, and growth opportunities abound.Like going to school after a brief 7 year break, and finding it’s quite enjoyable. Or hanging out with a friend in her time of need. Or just heading… Continue Reading →

random notes

ttocslandFebruary 11th, 2005The House on Turk Street, aka No Good DeedMilla, Sammy Jackson – picked up the minor concept that a few license plates could stop a shotgun blast… EquilibriumChristian BaleI think they actually used the music from the Matrix,… Continue Reading →

Good writing.

ttocslandFebruary 8th, 2005Current Mood: goodCurrent Music:A horse going clip clop clip clopI should probably figure out what that is, since I’ve not actually produced any of it in quite some time. I know that I can, I know that I… Continue Reading →

Lord of the Rings

ttocslandFebruary 1st, 2005Current Mood: contemplativeCurrent Music:Don’t stop believinAlicia and I snuggled and watched the extended version of the Return o’ the King… the forces of good prevail against the powers of evil. Is this a message for our time? do… Continue Reading →

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