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Month April 2005

So, I wanted to email…

ttocslandApril 21st, 2005Current Mood:pissed offCurrent Music:Freak Out; from Freak talks about sex soundy trackthe honorable senator sam blackburn (retard – kansas) about his homophobia. boo, declan and I had a long winded discussion about why people find gay people scary…. Continue Reading →

You owe me 8 bucks plus a tip

ttocslandApril 17th, 2005Current Mood:goodYou look very nice in your uniform. How old are you – about 19?{smack} hee hee hee:+s+:


ttocslandApril 15th, 2005Current Mood:shornCurrent Music:Bob Dylan & The Band – Forever Young (via The Last Waltz)Thought I’d try to type some more – I love how I go through periods where I’m writing every day, then a month or two… Continue Reading →

hardly decent at times…

ttocslandApril 14th, 2005Current Mood: relievedCurrent Music:fine living channel: smart travelbut when I’m good, I can be great.Boo had thought her keepsake was lost. I feared that was the truth, too.But when things are going well – and she was having… Continue Reading →

Livin’, learnin’, having fun!

ttocslandApril 13th, 2005So, as I expressed to my most wonderful earlier, I feel as if I’ve finally walked up to a door with the commitment to kick it in if need be, ’cause I have to get through it. Turns… Continue Reading →

Ha Ha ha…..

ttocslandApril 7th, 2005…but not really that funny. Especially combined with my last post, eh? BestBuy – We have issues…http://forums.anandtech.com/messageview.aspx?catid=38&threadid=1562162&enterthread=y :+s+:

No – really. She said that…

ttocslandApril 6th, 2005Current Mood:dumbfoundedCurrent Music:damn birds still chirping away…“I’m not sure – are magazines even made out of trees?” – bestbuy sales clerk at check out“um, yeah – shiny trees…” – scott, not wanting to say ‘what the fuck –… Continue Reading →

For the record….

ttocslandApril 5th, 2005Current Mood:curiousCurrent Music:song birds……if this great state of ours happens to go slipping into the ocean tonight – Canela, wonder-pup that she is, was the first to know, and tried desperately to warn us. By jumping into bed…. Continue Reading →

A year ago…

ttocslandApril 4th, 2005Current Mood:happyCurrent Music:Tangerine Speedo” by CaviarMy love made me sure that she kinda dug me.I doubt I’ve said thanks for that nearly enough, and definitely not recently. so Boo, thanks. It meant a lot then, means a lot… Continue Reading →

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