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Month May 2005

Richard D. Bartley. A 2nd Lieutenant in the United States Air Force. Missing since 1950.

ttocslandMay 30th, 2005Current Mood:contemplativeCurrent Music:Mythbusters chit chatIn memorial, a person I don’t know. A name, in essence. And what is in a name, I ask? Fall 1989. Hahn Air Base, West Germany. Professional Military Education, in preparation for becoming a… Continue Reading →

A very decent day…

ttocslandMay 26th, 2005Current Mood:awakeFrom the IFC – Hank says “Do not cave into this kind of battering ram of advertising, this assault on the senses, this belittling of your intellect. This is the movie industry choosing us for their demographic… Continue Reading →

Feeling pretty good…

ttocslandMay 25th, 2005Current Mood:nostalgicA day up in the hills helps. check out the pics at http://perfent.com/images/albums.php Some cool motocop pics (not taken by me) are at http://www.livejournal.com/users/ratspike/ – gots to page down quite a bit… cute pup pics along the… Continue Reading →

Nothing says good morning like the sound of a 22 in an empty warehouse

ttocslandMay 23rd, 2005Current Mood: grumpyCurrent Music:the sound of silence being excutedThat someone actually ANSWERED the phone at LA Noise Enforcement – 213.473.7840 – 10 minutes ago was amazing.That they told me that a) construction noise is OK mon-fri starting at… Continue Reading →

Lexington 3 A.M.

ttocslandMay 23rd, 2005Current Mood:goodCurrent Music:fans spinning the cool night airwow – Mambo. Who knew it could be sooooooo easy? wow.tikiwiki – might figure out a need/use for it – but still – so damn cool. Thanks Nathan – wow… slowly… Continue Reading →

Broken boards…

ttocslandMay 15th, 2005Current Mood:calmCurrent Music:color commentary for GT race at montereyand graduated friends. trying to keep mom happy with technology.Canela being … of concern – though at a little past 2, she was nibbling up a storm! Good friends sending… Continue Reading →

Sunday mornings with friends…

ttocslandMay 8th, 2005Current Mood:tiredCurrent Music:chirping birds outside the windowstunned, I am, at how quickly a week has passed. But 7 days ago I was enjoying the Heart Stoppingly Good(r) cooking of Matt’s ‘Homemade Grits’ along with Amy’s perfectly made bacon…. Continue Reading →

Scribbled on the keyboard of a laptop…

ttocslandMay 6th, 2005Current Music:”Just Another Victim” by Helmet / House of PainAs I winged across the country on Wednesday… 7:02:46 PM, May 04snow tipped peaks – just two off to the right of the plane…start of colorado? a ridge line… Continue Reading →

Even after years… you can leave an impression.

ttocslandMay 5th, 2005Current Mood: goodCurrent Music:sounds of lexington aveSay, being the world weary traveler who is probably Syracuse Int’l ‘one a day’ security search person. As my sister and mom look on… a bit aghast, I do believe. Any metal?noAre… Continue Reading →


ttocslandMay 4th, 2005Current Mood: goodCurrent Music:something lite and classical in terminal B of Pittsburgh IntIt’s a funny thing, travel. You move thru time and space, but it’s still you. Except when you react to the new locale, or the new… Continue Reading →

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