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Month June 2005

Yay!!!! She’s Home!!!

ttocslandJune 29th, 2005Current Mood: happyYay – Boo’s home. I’m happy, the doggies are happy, and she’s asleep! Blue lost it… and now sleeps the sleep of a puppy who’s happy! Power bailed on me earlier – couldn’t check her flight… Continue Reading →

Damn it – I hate it when Microsquish does something good…

ttocslandJune 26th, 2005Current Mood:impressedCurrent Music:Seconds From Disaster – ChernobylHaving the opportunity to chill and watch too much tv this past week…let me say they’re latest bit of advertising on tv is for what you can do with WinXP… and it’s… Continue Reading →

Is it a sign of getting better? Or getting worse?

ttocslandJune 26th, 2005Current Mood:recumbentCurrent Music:harrison ford in Clear and Present DangerFirst, let me say what a lovely weekend this has turned out to be. It’s sunny, a bit breezy, almost perfect 70’s temp. Just wonderful. Why I get to spend… Continue Reading →

Tomorrow arrives…

ttocslandJune 23rd, 2005Current Mood:mellowCurrent Music:the hum of the fan, trying to coolmy girl is flying, on a jet plane, don’t know when she’ll be back again… babe, I miss you so…. well. ok. she’ll be back next Tuesday, same bat… Continue Reading →

Hydrocodone, how do I love thee?

ttocslandJune 19th, 2005Current Mood:toastyLet me count the ways…The truth of the matter is that it may or may not deal with the actual pain, but after a blissful 6 hour nap, I awoke to the fabulous truth that I just… Continue Reading →

Note to myself…

ttocslandJune 15th, 2005Current Mood:goodAfter the flamboyant spending that a lottery win will afford…Get a list of the people who were on the Def Jam I was just watching, send them thank you notes with, oh, 10,000 dollars in them. Cause… Continue Reading →

And now, a final song for the audience…

ttocslandJune 12th, 2005Current Mood: contemplativeCurrent Music:Red Tape by Agent Provocateur‘Tis the song of heartbreak, the sound of tears falling, the echo of memories…. From a Journalism paper I wrote:“One of Boo’s first visits to live theater in the Los Angeles… Continue Reading →


ttocslandJune 5th, 2005Current Mood:happyCurrent Music:Mystic River dialougesometimes you do good things – like showing up for her first new car purchase…or making it up to see her on her birthday there’s the hours trying to help out as she tackles… Continue Reading →


ttocslandJune 3rd, 2005Current Mood:sleepyCurrent Music:Resevoir DogsThe only natural enemy of the hole is the pile! – yay Simpsons Perhaps, just perhaps – finally – a reason to go Mac – Salling Clicker – just need money Blue + rodents =… Continue Reading →

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