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Month July 2005


ttocslandJuly 29th, 2005Current Mood:hopefulCurrent Music:”people who grinned themselves to death” by The HousemartinsI don’t think so. But I have been perusing a blog from a guy from where I grew up which is making me think – hey, this is… Continue Reading →

life at the moment…

ttocslandJuly 27th, 2005Current Mood:goodRecent things…J’ {heart} Alex!! That was a fun night, last week. I think it had to do with the Scott’s, but that’s just me. General Admissions tonight – wednesday, 27th – at Hudson Theater/Comedy Central stage –… Continue Reading →

(copied from Maisy’s Journal…) Oh Oh Oh Oh…. Dear Journal….

ttocslandJuly 25th, 2005Current Mood: happyOh my goodness!!!I had such a great day – possibly the best day EVER!!!!where do I start? where do I start??? ok ok ok… Hey – some one’s here! I love it when friends come over!… Continue Reading →

I can’t believe,,,

ttocslandJuly 2nd, 2005Current Mood: shockedCurrent Music:blathering sports commentator – ‘Tour de Lance’what a horrid job MTV did covering the Live 8 concert.Uh, cutting away from Pink Floyd so the semi-useless ‘personalities’ can say “it’s Pink Floyd – together again –… Continue Reading →

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