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Month August 2005

I return…

ttocslandAugust 29th, 2005Boo still likes me. Blue still likes me. Canela still likes me!yay! tired – must sleep.:+s+:

Success – or at least the end…

ttocslandAugust 28th, 2005kinda tired.Had so much fun – so many cool good people to meet and hang out with.the music was awesome. so many talented people. think melissa will eventually recover – perhaps some time to do nothing, and enjoy… Continue Reading →

afternoon, monday in the NC…

ttocslandAugust 23rd, 2005Current Mood: mellowI was never trained as a filter – never trained to edit on the fly. Collect – yes. But to then – or prior to snapping the pic – to think – will this be a… Continue Reading →

You’d think I’d learn…

ttocslandAugust 21st, 2005Current Mood: exhaustedbut I do like the fact that I feel like I’ve had some good talkin’ with JD, so staying up was worth it.still tired.cause I traveled without sleeping. Muggy – oh, the envious east coast –… Continue Reading →

That delicious smoky flavor!!!

ttocslandAugust 19th, 2005Current Mood:Smoked!!Current Music:madness – shame and scandal!Had a wonderful dinner at Dinosaur’s BBQ (Booze and Blues) in syracuse last night with matt and friends – just threw on the t-shirt I had worn – yum… smokey flavor!! It… Continue Reading →

Visitation continues…

ttocslandAugust 18th, 2005Another lovely morning in upstate – down right cool! got to love that. Off to catch up with the MickeyMatt tonight – yay! simple. basic. comfortable. slower. not as chaotic. Oh – can reincarnation work if you end… Continue Reading →

Visitation Fall 05 – Day 1

ttocslandAugust 17th, 2005Current Music:Cat Stevens – Wild World7:45am…wow – what is it about being back in Y’ville that makes me… settle? relax?part of it I fear is how well I sleep. Cause really, I was up til midnight, and then… Continue Reading →

57 and clear – I think it’s gonna be a good day…

ttocslandAugust 17th, 2005it’s always a struggle to be up and at it after a good jaunt.Hopefully the crisp weather will keep my brain from overheating! weeeeeee…… :+s+:

The Joys of puppy companionship!

All went well with the visit to the Vet today for the Canela…TKhere she’s all strutting her stuff – liveSTRONG, she’s saying! Earlier she was a bit excited… and when she left she was HAPPY!!! and the main reason she… Continue Reading →

BITSA… ride summary #1

ttocslandAugust 5th, 2005Current Mood:thankfulCurrent Music:Jesus of Suburbia – Green Daya good day.headed up to the Crest mid morning… Radian ran well. TKI’m sure I’ve got pics from earlier this year of the Jetta parked here – no snow on the… Continue Reading →

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