~ from the Hunsrück to the Triangle in 25 years

Month September 2005

I ride to be happy…

Current Mood:smokyCurrent Music:fire reports live on 9 I try to relax when I ride.I try to let people get on with their lives, even if it’s all cut and thrust all around me.Not like I don’t cut and thrust, or… Continue Reading →

wow… time flies.

ttocslandSeptember 27th, 2005Current Mood:busyCurrent Music:Bang Your Head – Arena Rock – DTVWas it really a month ago that I got back from the East? School started, I’ve helped D-man wreck and replace a stage floor, seen a few movies, rearranged… Continue Reading →

Before 4 o’clock, and after 4 o’clock

ttocslandSeptember 27th, 2005Current Mood:tired, yet invigorated.Current Music:sounds of lexingtonThe concept that you should leave your work with your coat, or take care of business before 4, and take care of the art after 4. As described by Colin, PhD, Biochemist… Continue Reading →

Lost kinda rocks…

ttocslandSeptember 8th, 2005Current Mood:impressedYet another reason TiVo rocks – caught a very good episode last week chillin’ with t-dog and John. rolled in to home tonight after my Journo class (can I just share with ya how much I really… Continue Reading →

random connections…

ttocslandSeptember 6th, 2005Current Mood:busy a movie called Joshua Now and Then was on the TiVo; I pop over to IMDB to figure out more about it. There’s not much there, but from the front page of IMDB was a link… Continue Reading →

You know, when you wear a mesh jacket…

ttocslandSeptember 1st, 2005Current Mood:goodand head home after midnight, and you’re at the beach. was a bit refreshing – yeah, that’s the ticket. tonight I’ll grab the ‘rain jacket’ to keep the breeze away. Schooling last night was good – not… Continue Reading →

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