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Month November 2005

Konfabulator =

Konfabulous!!!a gir widget – really, what else does the world need? wow… :+s+:

Scott’s continuing theater involvement!

Current Mood: lethargicCurrent Music:The Blessing – Birdhouse TK D-man rings me about noon on Monday – ‘hey, what you up to?’ – innocent enough question.having been dislodged from sleep by boo’s early departure, I had honestly just gotten to getting… Continue Reading →

Gas… and puppies!

Current Mood:goodCurrent Music:Silverfish – Jimmy TK As noted on Tuesday, November 15, 2005 at 10:43:47 am – 2.439 a gal I saw last night on the way back from the ovation awards…I paid 2.67 just on the 6th… 2.50 something… Continue Reading →

Veteran’s Day 2K5

Current Mood:contemplativeCurrent Music:dog’s psychic whining – feed us feed usTK A Friday. Some things were closed, some things weren’t. Garbage was picked up, right on schedule.Stephen Cobert tried to help out and make Armistice Day relevant – xTreMe!!, in today’s… Continue Reading →

November rain…

ttocslandNovember 9th, 2005Current Mood: busyCurrent Music:Black Coffee in Bed – SqueezeWasn’t that a G’n’R’ song? Well, here are some truths about November rain in LA. It’s cold. Really. Like chilly.It makes the roads slippery.As a motobiker, I want to say… Continue Reading →


Current Mood: optimisticbut not quite winter. er… actually, quite nice here, but disjointing in the fact that it was cold and dark two weeks ago, and it’s sunny and nice now. I blame it on travel! Speaking of which, here’s… Continue Reading →

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