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Month December 2005

13 hours…

Current Mood:tiredEinstein’s Bagels to begin, followed by the Udvar-Hazy Annex – wow; followed by a jaunt about the top edge of the Beltway with a shout out to Mighty Mouse for Boo, and a stroll through Ikea for the Upstate… Continue Reading →

Bennie Lee Dexter

Current Mood:contemplativeYou are not forgotten. Just like Richard D. Bartley. :+s+:

um… bad?

Current Mood:anxiousso, my domain perfent.com went away yesterday, I guess. I’d think that the people I pay to host me would want me to have a domain, but they didn’t send me a note. damn them! christy gets a ‘thanks’… Continue Reading →

holidays slide away…

Current Mood:okaysnowed today – made the world look and feel better.stayed up chatting with dave… until 6 this morning – quite good. Christmas eve we lasagna’d with mom – Mark, Dave and Shari, Justin and myself. Delicious food, good deserts,… Continue Reading →

wow… holiday epiphany #327

Holy fucking shit. My family is fucked up! :+s+:


Current Mood:thankfulCurrent Music:Juicebox by the Strokes via MMJB TK for the festivities to begin. Ma’s got the lasagna ‘on deck’; Shari and Dave are both out doing ‘errands’ – there’s a threat we’ll return to the Sangertown to have one… Continue Reading →

It’s snowing… it was freezing rain last night…

Current Mood:happyCurrent Music:sounds of snow fallinggot to do some shoveling of said snow… went walking yesterday – glad to report my ‘Upstate’ boots work as hoped/plan. the gloves work too!!! Now if I can figure out how to keep the… Continue Reading →

semester ends with a … wimper?

Fairly anti-climatic endings so far – as long as I push a website to my XHTML teacher by noon tomorrow, I’ve… finished. Wow. did manage to pick up the bike lock I ‘dropped’ last night – banged up, but still… Continue Reading →

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for Kelvin O. and Wendy.

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