Current Mood:happy
Current Music:sounds of snow falling
got to do some shoveling of said snow…

went walking yesterday – glad to report my ‘Upstate’ boots work as hoped/plan. the gloves work too!!! Now if I can figure out how to keep the icy cold wind from nipping at my nose…

Been having a good time here – seeing all the weather I could want!
Mom’s doing well – we strolled the supermarket yesterday, doing the ‘Bread-Milk-Toiletpaper’ run due to the impending ‘weather’. Shari and Dave are hanging well – pulled up the carpet in the living room, showing the hardwood floor. JD is chilling, almost out of school, looking to have some fun!!

So, shoveling, walking… Dino’s on the way in from Syracuse. It’s all good… just cold.