~ from the Hunsrück to the Triangle in 25 years

Month January 2006


Current Music:”Love you till the End” by The Poguesmy feelings flow through my veins, pumped out of my heart, pushing the tears past my eyes… a somber, sober realization that love is truly what it is all about – and… Continue Reading →

what a beautiful sunset…

what was the last thing that really scared you? :+s+:dona nobis pacem

Twenty years ago today…

Current Mood:contemplativewestbound in Marcy, WOUR on the radio in the Nova. Just picked up a paycheck from Bray Terminals – was heading down to Binghamton to visit Lisa K at SUNY. “Ground control to Major Tom…” a bump into a… Continue Reading →

57 degrees…

Current Mood:goodCurrent Music:criminalon my ride back from SMC… hit the counselors offices – and now I know that I need to figure out what I want to do, where I want to do it, and then complete my classes… that’s… Continue Reading →

Past few days…

soft as a downy chick… our Canela after a bath. I’ve spent too much time lounging about today, but just spent the better part of three hours with Canela nestled in the nook of my arm in bed. she’s sooooo… Continue Reading →

divine intervention

January 20th, 2006Current Mood:thoughtfulCurrent Music:divine intervention // matthew sweet‘one day my life is filled with joy//and then we finally disagree’ I like the fact that I wrote quite a bit the other day. I like that I made points and… Continue Reading →

Yesterday… part II

Current Mood:restlessCurrent Music:Love Removal Machine – The Cult besides the truly troubling images, I also got to see most of SuperSize Me – that wily Morgan Spurlock – he’s all crazy and shit. 30 days of McD’s is bad for… Continue Reading →


Current Mood:contemplative – pissed offCurrent Music:Fisherman’s Blues – the waterboys gave me a good deal of thought provoking input. Made me a bit uncomfortable in my comfortableness. Made me stop and think. From my various surfing spots in the morning… Continue Reading →

Friday the 13th

January 13th, 2006Current Mood:goodCurrent Music:”Gear Daddies I Wanna Drive The Zamboni”Succeeded in putting together my sis’ Gallery of pics from her summer trip. Shall now go to work on my own! Ever feel on the edge of doing something big?… Continue Reading →

Sunset colors

January 11th, 2006Current Mood:goodCurrent Music:Green Mind – Dinkhigh clouds, golden hues…Not sure how to describe the differences in the East Coast/West Coast disconnect I’m going thru… very very nice to be ‘home’ – Boo kinda likes it a lot, and… Continue Reading →

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