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Month February 2006

Oh the wit…

Current Mood: amused“…by deciding, under Bush’s pampered thumb, to become the planet’s sanctimonious hell-bent Jesus-crazed bitch-slapper?” Here’s the link to the column over at SFGate:Morford :+s+: dona nobis pacem

Thursday night… the next week

Current Mood: restlessCurrent Music:David Bowie – Blue JeanVan Hagar belt out Right Now (Live VH1 98 track)… My PoliSci class instructor has been having us read bell hooks’ Teaching Community – a Pedagogy of Hope. In one chapter she refers… Continue Reading →


Current Mood:busyCurrent Music:Du Und Ich – BlumchenI had the joy of these numbers:56 degrees at 12:36pm, followed by 46 degrees at 6:44pm – both as announced by the Thousand Oaks Auto Mall time and temp display. That’s on the 101…. Continue Reading →

Can you believe…

Current Mood:busyCurrent Music:Foo Fighters – Cold Day in the Sunone of the most unforgettable things I saw at Disney land was… a kid in a stroller. Arranged across the front of the stroller was a tray, and on the tray… Continue Reading →

Did a part of your heart die?

Current Mood:annoyedCurrent Music:Janes Addiction – Jane SaysWhen the recent Jack Daniel’s commercial played, with the Jane’s Addiction Jane Says theme song? Mine did. :+s+: dona nobis pacem

weekend in review!

Current Mood:creativeCurrent Music:53rd & 3rd – RamonesFriday…Stroll down to Zeke’s for grub – quite tasty, and afterwards, we visit BevMo where Boo drools over fancy bottles of Booze! (and some sad customer took out a couple bottles of wine with… Continue Reading →

Check out mi amiga’s cool band site…

Current Mood:restlesshttp://www.myspace.com/thedirtylittleheaters Mel has been rocking ever since we met so long ago… and now she’s on MySpace!!!! Wait – that’s big, right? go listen – she and the Reese ROCK!!! :+s+: dona nobis pacem

If you haven’t chuckled this week…

Current Mood:awake May I present you something Boo sent me: http://filmstripinternational.com/ Well, not exactly a song to soothe the angry beast, but at least it’s truthful. :+s+: dona nobis pacem

To write…

Current Mood:excitedI have a lot of places to write things. Lots of things I write. But does any of that translate into me being a writer? Let’s see what I jotted down most recently in my spiral notecard book (thanks… Continue Reading →

Good words…

“Your mind is always occupied by something, so it may as well be something helpful”Dustin Hoffman; I Hear Huckabees We’re getting some yardwork done – though it’s mostly weedeating. “sorry I grabbed you” Explorers – 1985 – ethan hawke, river… Continue Reading →

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