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Month March 2006

We call this an Up-date…

Current Mood:tiredCurrent Music:Town Called Malice – The Jam because Down-date makes no sense at all!!! From Tuesday, 14March06 about 1:23pm – Please Shut Up, HatemongersA “vile” attack on gay and lesbian families has Jon Carroll seething, then answering back +++A… Continue Reading →

Where I stand…

Current Mood: frustratedDo You Care? Do I Care? “Join thousands in LA on March 18 to protest the war on Iraq on the 3rd Anniversary of the US Invasion”Thousands might be right, but frankly I’ve seen more people waiting to… Continue Reading →

Post Museum Sunday…

5:55pm Monday 13Mar06 Well, we’re surviving the weather – temps in the 60s!!! that’s nearly Ice Age like for us SoCal peeps! TKDid have a fabulous Museum Sunday yesterday – find pics over at Scott’s Pictures if you care to… Continue Reading →

Weather in the southland..

10:33am Saturday, 11Mar06 Watching the Formula 1 qualifying sessions – all sorts of changes and looks pretty damn good. Seems we’re having a weather episode – it’s 59 freaking degrees in the house!! Doh!Wet outside, cloudy, but bright. Icky. and… Continue Reading →

Random thoughts… say, about stuff…

The Chronic -wha?? Cles of … Narnia? Riddick!the Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe?The Fast, the Furious and the Haircut?? MT’s S&W center is now imagined in WoW with messages that state “being attacked at blay blah gate by 3… Continue Reading →

Turmoil in London… thoughts and an introduction to Bennie Dexter

Wednesday, 8Mar06 from digging thru the piles of papers trying to make things neater, since I’d hate to mirror London’s Turmoil… “POW – not returned Dexter, Bennie LeeOregon, BendName: Bennie Lee DexterRank/Branch: E3/US Air ForceUnit:Date of Birth: 18 July 1944Home… Continue Reading →

(no subject)

Current Mood: goodCurrent Music:World Superbike Philip Island coverage(From sometime last week…)Sometimes I just need to be reminded that I can do some things pretty well. As I stood under my home made awnings, both front and back, as the rain… Continue Reading →

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