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Month April 2006

10:30… or so

Current Mood:happyCurrent Music:Foo Fighters – All My LifeListening to music… playing with photos… thinking of secrets… Canela lays uncomfortably in her new doggy bed, for blue’s blue jack toy is under her head.wow – she was actually sleeping – with… Continue Reading →

How about some photo tips?

Current Mood:awakeCurrent Music:Tool – Opiate to Flood (live to studio KASR Mix)No – not from me, silly. From the Photojounalism prof. attached to the Corsair… +++From the Mar 30, 2006 photo critique for the Corsair Newspapera ‘building mug’ – shot… Continue Reading →

Could it be???

Current Mood:springy!Current Music:Pop Will Eat Itself – R.S.V.P.I strolled about tonight on a bank/7-11 run in…my tevas! Oh, yes – it could actually be spring!I wore short sleeve shirts to work last week!!! Weeee….. :+s+:dona nobis pacem

such a good burger…

Current Mood:impressedCurrent Music:Irish Ways and Irish Laws – Sinead O’Connor… as no man deserves!! Boy am I lucky. Boo and I had a delicious meal at Houston’s yesterday, and though stuffed, we brought home tasty meats for the pups. They… Continue Reading →

Good thoughts for a friendly Pinguino we know…

Current Mood:hopefulCurrent Music:Bad to the Bone – George Thorogood (?)per her pop, who called a bit ago – She’s out of surgery and doing fine. In ICU for the overnight, then a regular room tomorrow – visitors can’t stay past… Continue Reading →

the wonder of technology…

Current Mood:enthralledCurrent Music:Red Rain (Live) – Peter Gabriel/Stipe/Merchantcontinuing with my iTunes tutorial… I poked the visualizations button. weeeeeee the joys, the happiness that kaliedescopic spirographs have on me is a tad surprising, but enjoyable none the less. But what I’m… Continue Reading →

from the darkness of 2001…

Current Mood:surprisedCurrent Music:Mass Romantic – The New Pornographersin a missed search for massive attack to give me a gentle homework audioscape, a listening to Ex-Mass proves that Alisa still has the power to rip my heart out; just so you… Continue Reading →

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