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Month May 2006

hope… and sunshine

Current Mood:goodCurrent Music:Pink Floyd – Two Suns in the Sunset makes for a pretty good day. Boo’s been rockin’ the ‘let’s make the house nice’I got through the weekend work – now just have to make it through the week… Continue Reading →

the joys of doggies in the den!

Current Mood:project’d out!Current Music:Roger Waters + Sinead O’Connor – Mother (live)Canela runs fast and swift, strong in the pursuit of… Ham? You’re so cute and wonderful – we love you so much Canela. Hope you know that! :+s+:dona nobis pacem

just a few notes…

Current Mood:goodCurrent Music:Sunshine in a Bag – Gorillaza rainy monday morning…boo was feeling a tad freaked out last night – kinda cute, but I wish she’d not worry. All will be fine, truly wonderful in fact. got home after working… Continue Reading →

Tuesday night, Corsair takes my day away.

Current Mood:good; tiredCurrent Music:just the voices in my head!so another issue put to bed…plenty of good things tonight – but still a long night – leaving SMC at 1 is, shall we say, not cool. Boo got her hair cut… Continue Reading →

Mint Flavored Squeaky Gauze…

how I make a killing in the medical supply world!Everyone has teeth, right? s.

My Boo…

she makes me happy in ways I find hard to explain, so I smile a lot.I luv her so! weeeeeeeeeeeee s.

only Tuesday…

Current Mood:tiredCurrent Music:Drive In Drive Out – DMB – Live, Riverbend – 990620Monday wasn’t the most productive.Tuesday up and out 7’sh, school.PoliSci1 – got my mid term back, did pretty well.Newspaper – kinda hectic – had one story turned in,… Continue Reading →

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