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Month June 2006

To work I rode…

Current Mood:tiredCurrent Music:PWEI – Kick to Killaccording to Mapquesty, that was 5.98 miles. then I had to get home… so another 5.98 miles. Damn. call it 12 miles on my bicycle today – hey MickeyMatt – I might be able… Continue Reading →

“Age of Aquarius….

Current Mood:happyCurrent Music:Lou Reed – Dirty Blvd.let the sunshine in” So, the past 24 hours have included those trippy dream states where:Jay Leno was inviting me into his apartment past his warehouse full of motorcyclesandI was pondering a tounge piercing… Continue Reading →

oh boy…

Current Mood:happyshe said ‘I do’ …. I’m so happy! :+s+:dona nobis pacem

words found on notes inside my shoulder bag…

Current Mood: happyCurrent Music:Wait, wait – don’t tell mefrom my time in the offices on the weekends… “Hopless Daze/Days” – how boo helpedSarah Vowell – living without on thislife.orgTAL – cringing moments +++http://www.casadefruta.com/ http://www.pcstats.com/articleview.cfm?articleID=1494to help fix up XP files http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2004_Indian_Ocean_earthquaketsunami… Continue Reading →

A day to celebrate… just one of many this week

Current Mood: goodCurrent Music:silence of the fansI told boo this morning that I thought today was a day to have a biscuit flavored cuppycake – and I think I’m right… Boo’s LJ Entry :+s+:dona nobis pacem

Sounds like it’s all good…

Current Mood: happyCurrent Music:Matchbox 20 – Nothing Compares 2 UBoo claims that the baby’s tired, that it’s hot outside, and when last I heard from Marji, she and the boys were lost somewhere near Venice Beach – yes, the Family… Continue Reading →

t-minus… um… hours?

Current Mood:excitedCurrent Music:NOFX – Happy Break Up Songso our head colds/allergies have made the last few days just… fabulous.Jon and Sally have been having a blast hanging out – Santa Monica is good to them, good FOR them! sqeaked through… Continue Reading →

Two down, um… lots more to go??

Current Mood:shockedCurrent Music:silence…Jon and Sally made it in all in one piece – we had a nice ‘toes in the ocean’ at Redondo, then some margaritas at El Torito (kinda weak, apparently), then a visit to Ameoba Records in Hollywierd,… Continue Reading →

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