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Month July 2006

We’re gonna miss you guys…

Current Mood:tired and bummed…but we’ll come to visit soon enough. good luck with everything Alex and Steve! :+s+:dona nobis pacem

gonna miss them…

our friend alex is heading up to the East Bay come friday – gonna go to UC Berkley!! That is the great part of it – the sad part is she’s heading out of town… We poked our heads in… Continue Reading →

happy happy…

Current Mood:cheerfuljoy joy. Huzzah! and to you, Blood – and to you! :+s+:dona nobis pacem

just a tad grueling…

Current Mood:relaxedCurrent Music:the sound of AC…but we somehow survived – more importantly, the brownies were delivered in one piece! Here’s the week in recap – caught The Fast and the Furious – Tokyo Drift with Dec early in the week,… Continue Reading →

happy nappy pups!

Current Mood:happyWhat can I say? Canela at my left food, her cute ears at semi-half mast. Quincy rests on the sofa next to me. blue was over on the other sofa, but perhaps a squirrel, or a shadow has passed… Continue Reading →

Henry talks…

Current Music:Social Distortion – Don’t Drag Me Downand I feel like I’m listening to the brother I always wanted to have.+++ Ok. So this is being created on my new desktop machine – in front of a nice flat panel…… Continue Reading →

If I’m bleeding at work, it must be theater with declan!

Current Mood:tiredDec swung by after his day gig today – said “hey – got any plans tonight?” – “nope” – want to help me with striking some lights? “Sure”… So we spent a couple of hours at the Los Angeles… Continue Reading →

oh it’s hot…

Current Mood: hotCurrent Music:Speed channel’s F1 coveragejust too darn hot here – and humid. Welcome to july! Boo and I walked up to Big Wang’s for dinner tonight – decent food, frat bar atmosphere, and more country music on the… Continue Reading →

“insufficient punctuation but a great deal of glee”

Current Mood:excitedCurrent Music:Steve Miller on RocklineIs that not the best title? Sadly, not an original – shout out to the amazing Mark Morford at SFgate.com (under columnists) – most often a refreshing voice in the forest. So I biked into… Continue Reading →

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