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Month September 2006

Sept. wha????? wow…

Current Mood:goodCurrent Music:Let the Devil In – TV On the Radiotime flies when you’re having fun!! Let’s see – as ever, working backwards… Monday – school – weee – debate class where I show up 5 minutes late and still… Continue Reading →

gots to love the blood!

Current Mood: happyCurrent Music:Van Morrison – Into Mystic Big hand everyone – here’s Inappropriate Bob and Calamity Carol!!! yaaaaay!!!!!! q: what do pirates do after work?a: ….. :+s+: dona nobis pacem

Issue 2 – put to bed…

Current Mood:zonedCurrent Music:Dido – Christmas Daywhich is where I need to be! Doh!!! On the drive in from campus I saw regular fuel at an Arco on Venice for 2.899, then the super cheap place on La Brea for 2.83,… Continue Reading →

prattling on, again.

Current Mood:good but at least it spurred me to do this. So here is my yearly installment of bull… but I think it helps me. I’m off to make my Patriot Day brownies. :+s+: dona nobis pacem ok – I… Continue Reading →

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