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Month October 2006

safe and sound…

Current Mood:great!!!!Current Music:silence… lush, deafening silence! using narcotics to nap while you fly from coast to coast is a good idea…squishy neck pillows should be buckwheat and cotton, not polystyrene balls and nylon…MnMnZ ROCK!!!!rocket ROCKS!!!!Stewart and Crash … ROCK!!!!I dig… Continue Reading →

Just some words…

Current Mood:good – tiredCurrent Music: – Parliament Funkadelic – Flashlight This matters – A Soldier’s Peace – Mandy’s brother in law; we need to have another Museum Sunday, but until then, I’m awfully proud of him. Wish the world would… Continue Reading →

god speed, dear friend…

TK Quincy was so happy to perch in the driver’s seat, though Dec’s probably not gonna let him drive very far. Dec’s off to the Centennial State, where “Nil sine numine” is often said! I hope his experience is everything… Continue Reading →

Troika Music Festival, here we come!!!!

Current Mood: goodWednesday, October 18, 2006Delta Air Lines 1131Depart: 10:40pmevening Los Angeles, CALos Angeles International (LAX)Arrive: 6:33ammorning Raleigh/Durham, NCRaleigh/Durham (RDU) Economy | Boeing 737-800 Passenger (738) | 4hr 53min | 2239 miles Seats: 27B, 27A Seats are confirmed. This is… Continue Reading →

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