~ from the Hunsrück to the Triangle in 25 years

Month February 2007

and once again… leaving on a jet plane…

Current Mood: busy heading back to Durham for an interview – but feeling a bit off due to the amount of stuff Boo and I have to still go through in our packing pursuit! but, it’s all good, and I’ll… Continue Reading →

unexpected travails…

Current Mood:happyCurrent Music:Fletcher Henderson & His Orchestra – Liza (All the Clouds’ll Roll Away) when traveling –you’re heading east…East has ‘weather’You end up south – cool, you’ve got Family in LA!You have $2.35 and a check.You get a cab to… Continue Reading →

You know *cough cough* what will *cough cough* take the wind out of your *cough cough* sails?

cough having a cough hacking cough cough.What I like is the last two days getting up and not having a feverish headache (unlike over the weekend), but ending the day with a pounding headache from the coughing that starts when… Continue Reading →

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