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Month March 2007

Go Blue Go!!

So, decided (I’m a decider!!) to swing the Blue over to meet the Rocket. How will it go? Hope they get along! They did – yay Blue. Yay Rocket! Yay Mellissa!!! Blue’s a good girl, she really is. so, not… Continue Reading →

36 degrees this morning…

Current Mood: sleepy and right now – blue is on her big bed to my right, and canela has climbed onto the airmattress with me – it’s awesome!!!! go look at my pics – I keep adding lots – should… Continue Reading →

and so the music starts…

we’re into the final act, not quite the final scene – dramatic build up – the truck – the stuff – all of the stuff – here!!!! weeeeee :+s+:dona nobis pacem

late in the evening… the house all quiet…

Current Mood:happyCurrent Music:dryer going around and around blue on her big new bed snores to my right; canela on her fuzzy blue new bed quietly snores to my left… i’m on an air mattress, awaiting tomorrow, when the house becomes… Continue Reading →

On the back porch…

Current Mood:thankfulCurrent Music:Midtown Dickens – Dogs Are Barking The new Dickens cd plays – damn they’re mucho talented – plus – Banjo’s are NEAT!!! The pups are back here with me – gathering the pack, I guess… blue is a… Continue Reading →

alive and well..

some pics from bringing the pups to NC – trying to get caught up – so that this weekend I can unpack – got to put some sweat equity into this trans-continental relocation thing!!! Boo’s soooo awesome – her surprise… Continue Reading →

and then Michelle offers me lunch…

Current Mood: accomplishedCurrent Music:Crazy Car – by the Naked Brothers – no, really. over and over and over and over…. it’s called “wham” and cheese…no – really – it’s called ‘wham’. s.:+s+:dona nobis pacem

Zach thinks I’m funny!

Current Mood:chipperCurrent Music:”Crazy Car” by the Naked Brothers (over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over Yay! we LOVE ‘crazy car’ by naked brothers… woot! :+s+:dona nobis pacem

“Why don’t you take off your shoes and socks?”

A very wise question from the sage hyperactive youthful Zachary! Why don’t I take off my socks and shoes when I get home? I’m pretty sure Boo has a ‘the toes – they want to be FREEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!’ mindset… good question,… Continue Reading →

Without further ado…

we end the Leisure Class, and begin the Business Class. Yay! ciao,:+s+:dona nobis pacem

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