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Current Music: Moto GP warm up lap

found the pups asleep…
stepped out onto the back deck – maybe it was the sleet…

icy. icy back deck. wow…

Boo’s in Kansas – having a great time with Chris and Dave! yay!
seemed to make good time – left Denver a bit late, was concerned with the snow/foggy weather to be driving. Talked to her as she passed the Denver airport.
Talked to her again as she entered Kit karson County, and finally, as she was looking for mile markers – 7 miles out side of Emporia – yay

rang her when I got back from the surprise party for Kym (of the Dickens) – she sounded tired, but happy to not be moving. Having hung out with the Kansas Krew, I know she’s having a great time.



dona nobis pacem