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Month July 2007

Tis quiet…

ttocsland July 30th, 2007 Current Mood:  thankful Current Music: sounds of Boo sleeping Boo slumbers beneath the twinkly lights in the living room. Blue is to my left on the sofa… Canela sprawled a bit on the floor. Canela’s got… Continue Reading →

Need to study for your North Carolina driver’s license test?

ttocsland July 30th, 2007 Current Mood:  helpful http://www.jaytomlin.com/NCDMV/2006/09/study_guide.html Helped out a lot. :+s+: dona nobis pacem


ttocsland July 30th, 2007 Current Mood: awake Current Music: Social d – Ball & Chain – on Ethel! great men aren’t always great people… – interesting quote from a lama What can a freshly minted, 39 year-old American do? I… Continue Reading →

“no … sleep … til Brooklyn!”

ttocsland July 26th, 2007 and so it goes – good luck girls – have a great time. :+s+: dona nobis pacem


ttocsland July 25th, 2007 Current Mood:  quixotic ok – that’s a word they made up! :+s+: dona nobis pacem

as blue gruffle’s at the door…

ttocsland July 20th, 2007 a two door explorer sits in the gravel in our driveway, near our parking spot… two of Durham’s best’s cruisers sit behind it…the driver sprinted down the hill with police officer 1 in pursuit! just a gunned engine… Continue Reading →

notes on pieces of paper…

ttocsland July 20th, 2007 Current Mood:  good RV JunkyardCool hand MyrnaB/U cameraTiresMexican ?? drapes??Barcalounger driver seatsSNL filming July?Treatment friends

Boilermaker happiness…

ttocsland July 8th, 2007 Current Mood:  happy Go See the Pics of the Run! everyone’s doing well – very tired… but things are good… yay! :+s+: dona nobis pacem

Boilermaker results!

ttocsland July 8th, 2007 Current Mood:  happy Name Location … Gun place … Time .. Pace // Net place … time … paceWallace, Carol B. F 38 Seattle WA 9403 1:55:10 12:22 9448 1:47:08 11:30 Humphreys, Matthew M 39 Maryville… Continue Reading →

early in the morning …

ttocsland July 8th, 2007 things are cool…Blood’s about to whip stitch, justin has shown us his bad.Dad is doing great – really, about all that’s changed is he’s got him self a cane, and he’s a bit thinner than the… Continue Reading →

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