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Month August 2007

Big Hard Sun…

ttocsland August 29th, 2007 Current Mood: stunned by Indigo. On XM Fred… Wow – you sometimes are amazed by the radio play of your favorite hidden gems… cool. :+s+: dona nobis pacem “Keep Calm and Carry On”

It’s early for me…

ttocsland August 29th, 2007 Current Mood:  thankful Current Music: Iggy Pop – I am a Passenger but when you’ve actually got a business to run, well – you fret all night and decide to get up at a reasonable hour,… Continue Reading →

Once more from the breech…

ttocsland August 24th, 2007 Current Mood:  excited Current Music: Boo singing a Dickens tune! hot. humid. huh – summer on the east coast. Thank goodness for Air Conditioning… oh – what’s that? it’s busted? hmmmm…. thank goodness for the kindness… Continue Reading →

Well, it’s just one season.

ttocsland August 11th, 2007 Current Mood: tired “It’s hot. I’m done with it. Can we move on to the pleasant weather?” my boo asks. Of course, we were just at the Beach, and she liked it there. Oh, I think I… Continue Reading →

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