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Month September 2007


ttocsland September 21st, 2007 this looks sweet… Kid Kustoms The Roddler who do we know with a bun in the oven? s. Powered by ScribeFire.


ttocsland September 19th, 2007 and discipline. That’s what blood speaks of. Having a nice time working closely with Boo on a site – she’s got mad skillz, yo! Oh – Arrrrggggghhhh!!!! Not much in a post, but with two clean pups… Continue Reading →

And now… for my first magic trick!

ttocsland September 12th, 2007 One of my issues with life in the blogging lane is… how to share. If  I make a stunning blog entry on the nuances of Netscape add-ons, how do I share with both my Tech Notes… Continue Reading →

This is cool…

ttocsland September 12th, 2007 Huh – will scribefire allow me to blog and blog and blog when ever the feeling hits me? as long as I’m in front of my browser?that would be cool. even cooler than Semagic’s cool tool…. Continue Reading →

Another thursday is upon us…

ttocsland September 6th, 2007 Current Mood:  good Current Music: sweet sound of the air con working! wow – time certainly is flying!!!As boo wrote – the Beach!!! wowsers – soooo cool to hang at the beach in a house for… Continue Reading →

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