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Month October 2007

“I think there’s half a cat, a brownie… just bring the box”

ttocsland October 29th, 2007 Current Mood:  okay – catlicious! well, that’s a fabulous idea. if we didn’t have the fabulous friends who are helping us so much, we would be in quite the pickle for lunch today, it seems. it’s… Continue Reading →

Our friends…

ttocsland October 26th, 2007 Current Mood: stunned amaze me. Thanks guys – wow. You all have helped me and Boo so much. ciao,s.

58 degrees, cloudy and rainy

we came home…

ttocsland October 26th, 2007 Current Mood: devastated Current Music: John Cale – Hallelujah and canela was on the kitchen floor, not doing well at all. Fuck. Canela would come and check on us in the bathroom – be it using… Continue Reading →


ttocsland October 25th, 2007 FUCK YOU. S.


ttocsland October 25th, 2007 Current Mood:  uncomfortable Current Music: Beatles – John Lennon – We All Shine On Mark Morford is at it again.So it Ted Rall. “What’s the worst he can do – kill you?”touché, sirs – touché. Dilbert over the weekend –… Continue Reading →

a cool refreshing fall rain today…

ttocsland October 24th, 2007 Current Mood:  restless had to scamper to an outlaying parking spot. got drenched, but it felt really really … refreshing. Things continue to go well with my ma – she’s back home, getting caught up on… Continue Reading →

Sux less..

ttocsland October 19th, 2007 still not roxin’…mom’s home, enjoying her donut and coffee… more tests on the 29th… wow … thanks for everyone’s well wishes… :+s+: dona nobis pacem “Keep Calm and Carry On”


ttocsland October 18th, 2007 Current Mood: crappy Current Music: the flaming lips – suddenly everything has changed does not rox.damn. damn…dr. j. block is a good man. damn… :+s+: dona nobis pacem “Keep Calm and Carry On”

home in upstate…

ttocsland October 17th, 2007 Current Music: Billy Bragg – A New England all the kids are here. It’s fall, the weather’s crisp and nice and …things change. the weirdest things are noticeable – the huge pine tree across the street… Continue Reading →

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