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Month December 2007

what to say when no one is listening…

ttocsland December 16th, 2007 Current Mood: apathetic Current Music: silence that’s always a good question. :+s+: dona nobis pacem ( 1 comment — Leave a comment ) carrilla 2007-12-20 04:42 pm (local)  ( Do you mean your radio program or your blog? Because I… Continue Reading →

my god…

ttocsland December 14th, 2007 “it’s full of stars…” … er – no – wait, that’s wrong. I’m printing photos I’ve taken… still freaking fantastic, if you ask me. s. Powered by ScribeFire.

A cloudy night allows for seeing well…

ttocsland December 14th, 2007 Current Mood:  good Current Music: Billy Bragg – A New England “I seek a stone upon which I may stand, a solidness in a time of bluster, from where I may find peace.” thus were the… Continue Reading →

“don’t be silly”

ttocsland December 7th, 2007 Current Mood: awake Current Music: oblivian – the elder scrolls 4!!!! “that’s a bit excessive, don’t you think?” … ah, the joys of listening to Boo play her games. So, I spent too much time this… Continue Reading →

Hello Blue dog…

ttocsland December 5th, 2007 Current Mood:  accomplished Current Music: Red Hot Chili Peppers – Under the Bridge Good morning!! gots to go let her out! ok – she’s soooooo happy at times, I love her “I’m jumping up to bump… Continue Reading →

Tuesday afternoon … winter scene out the window.

ttocsland December 4th, 2007 Current Mood:  good Current Music: Lars Fredrickson and the Bastards – To Have And to Have Not (Billy Bragg cover) the trees are bare – the leaves are on the lawn – not in a pretty… Continue Reading →

Can anyone share …

ttocsland December 3rd, 2007 Current Mood:  frustrated Current Music: Todd Snider – My Generation (Part 2) the way to get an answer? I ask the question … pose possible answers … and still nothing. Frustrating, I tell ya… s.

good things … happening to good people.

ttocsland December 3rd, 2007 Current Mood:  cheerful Current Music: Led Zeppelin – dazed and confused always a reason to be up early in the morning … or is it late?? cheerio, mi amigoes!!! and – I’ve got a video too!!!… Continue Reading →

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