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Month April 2008

Happy May Day!!!

Current Mood: thankfulCurrent Music:Willie Nelson – Blues Eyes Crying In the RainI’m thinking of having an old fashioned Soviet parade! Getting better – was sick. Being sick sucks…Work’s going along – I’m only getting better… hope to keep people happy… Continue Reading →

Off of ten ten road, onto

Current Mood: thankful Current Music:Midtown Dickens – Saturday Morningkildaire farm road. You’ll come upon Cotswold, a lovely enclave of happy people.There, if you are lucky, perhaps, just maybe, you’ll be rewarded with a viewing of … the Golden one! Much… Continue Reading →

13 years ago…

Current Mood: thoughtfulPat & Tim and I over at the old house offices, around a tv – speechless, though we had colleagues at the nearby university. Shocked, I guess. Time flies, lives change, did we learn anything? Have I learned… Continue Reading →

Saturday afternoon…

Current Mood: thankfulCurrent Music:Robyn – ‘Handle Me’somewhat nice – not as humid as it’s gonna get. Carrie and Nate arrived to the region yesterday!!! Weeee…. Chatted with them while Boo & I hung out at the park with Michelle, Angie… Continue Reading →

Beware the ides of April…

Current Mood: grumpy/happy Current Music:The Dresden Dolls – Singhuh. Talk about good and bad.We all know the taxes thing – just got done doing annual report filing for Nerd Fury, extension filing for Nerd Fury state & fed, Boo &… Continue Reading →

Back at Hobbit House…

Current Mood: happyCurrent Music:Me First And The Gimme Gimmes – Ghost Riders In The SkyBlue is slumped (sloughed?) upon the floor, fresh CSI episodes have been enjoyed, and we ponder how the hell it got to be April 13th. The… Continue Reading →

Hello … my name is scott…

Current Mood: happyCurrent Music:waves crashingand I’m soooo glad I didn’t go play in the sun as much as some as my friends. They’re a little redder than they were when they came to the island, and some are a bit… Continue Reading →

It’s kinda really … nice

Current Mood: happyCurrent Music:The Future Kings of Nowhere – Lather, Rinse, RepeatI’m sitting on the couch in the living room of ‘Divine Intervention’, Oak Island, NC. The sun it out, the breeze is lovely. Zach and Viv play cards on… Continue Reading →

so a drive to the beach …

Current Mood: tiredCurrent Music:ocean wavesthursday heading east, Morgan and Beth riding along with Boo and I in Ramona – just enough space to pack stuff in. I’m about to sleep with the sound of crashing waves as the soundtrack –… Continue Reading →

Current Mood: thoughtfulCurrent Music: Bob Dylan – Dont Think Twice Its All RightI hope you know you’re remembered, and beloved.I won’t forget the few hours we spent together, and I hope you’ve found the happiness you deserve. Rest in peace… Continue Reading →

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