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Month June 2008

“I’m ok … you’re so so…”

Current Mood: hopeful Current Music:David Bowie – Up the Hill Backwardssuch fabulous lyrics, Mr. Bowie! Hey – look at me – I’m BLoGGGgggginG!!!!!!!as I sit here flipping and pushing pics for everyone’s amusement, I recall that no one’s up to… Continue Reading →

75 degrees … 25% less!

Current Mood: thankfulCurrent Music:Ingrid Michaelson – Giving Up100 degrees equals 33% more! (thanks dano!) Friday the 13th. Hope we all survived. I’ve done well today, only a few moments of akward conversation (how do you relate to a 21 year… Continue Reading →

75 degrees …

Current Mood: thankfulCurrent Music:Francis Dunnery – Good Lifebut the trip to and from the airport was HEAVENLY!!!! Oh so nice to roll with the windows down.Blood’s at the airport, heading off soon enough … ugh – got her there early… Continue Reading →

Was it over 90 in Vegas?

Current Mood: happyCurrent Music:The Mountain Goats – No ChildrenI should go ask my wife if she recalls … love ya boo! xoxoxos.+++ smoakes7772008-06-07 02:46 am (UTC)(, yes, indeed, it was. And over 90 in happiness, too!I mean, like, if happiness… Continue Reading →

so good having family…

Current Mood: thankfulCurrent Music:Bob Marley & the Wailers – Could You Be Lovedeven better when they can deal with a slightly warm day in the south! 91 degrees as I type this… weeeeeee…. Blood’s enjoyed the heat, some pizza at… Continue Reading →

Early in the morning, I remember…

Current Mood: thankful Current Music:John Mellencamp – Pink Houses (Live Farm Aid) driving up from Redondo with Blue in the seat next to me – zonked!!! she was cute and small. 5 years on, we’re so lucky to have such… Continue Reading →

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