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Month August 2008

Wednesday … already?

Current Mood: thankful Current Music:GP2 race from valenciaso. all I have to do is … everything. Then we’ll be ready for the beach!Mickeymatt’s gonna join us for tomorrow, then roll to see Super Droid Robots! for work related activities, then… Continue Reading →

ah … time away. That was nice…

Current Mood: thankful Current Music:the ticking of the clock…of course, it’s nearly a week later and I’m no where caught up. Trip back from Upstate was somewhat pleasant. Justin knows some good shortcuts – yay! Didn’t have to check my… Continue Reading →

oddest instant message in a while…

Boo: so, there is a huge butterfly gallivanting on a pile of Blue’s poo. ah, nature. s.

Hangin’ in Upstate …

Current Mood: thankful Current Music:i couldn’t help if i tried – Dexy’s Midnight Runnersoh yeah!Got in too late thursday night – chilled at Dulles (IAD) for an hour, then chilled on the Dulles tarmac for an hour, then took a… Continue Reading →

I now know why the internet exists…

Current Mood:happyCurrent Music:The Maryland Treble Makers – Walking on Broken Glassno. Not scientific research – sorry Tim.no. Not porn – sorry Chatsworth. no. the ‘net exists so I can read about Batman’s newest Batmobile – the Tumbler. I’m just totally thrilled… Continue Reading →

Friday night lites!

Current Mood: happy Current Music:U2 – One Love (with Mary J Blige)How’s everyone doing tonight? Good? Great!!!So, what other fond memories do I have in the box? Let’s see … How about cake?Really, we should all enjoy our cake …… Continue Reading →

Oh Mr. Morford, you truly are awesome…

He’s a writer that almost always causes me to smile. Like this column – enjoy. S.

ugh … too late for much..

Current Mood: tired Current Music:Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young – Southern Crossbut people are lovin’ the pics.Here ya go … Before I headed off to the West Coast in 1997…Friends had a party for boo… Roberson to the left, David… Continue Reading →

ok, just one more…

Current Mood: happy Current Music:U2 – In a Little Whilefrom 1996 … a group shot! me, dano, bailey, kimmy, anna(?), pips, matt, and billie…. ciao,s.

Ghosts … pleased to meet them

Current Mood: happy Current Music:Fleetwood Mac – Don’t StopSo, I wonder, what am I doing? Posting ancient pics of me – kinda self-focused, eh Wallace? But … why not? There’s nothing wrong with the fact that I, in the past,… Continue Reading →

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