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Month October 2008

Tuesday, greyness & Family

Current Mood: cold Current Music:The Mountain Goats – Source Decay split pea soup is being heated, a Herb Philipson’s gift card arrives in the mail, and we regroup.the details need attending, but the swell of love and friendship keeps us… Continue Reading →

Sometimes, after a bit, things aren’t good, but ok…

Current Mood: contemplative Current Music:Dropkick Murphys – Amazing GraceToday is a dreary, wet and cool fall day in upstate.not motivated to do much, and have chilled at 1 Trinity for the whole day. Saw Matt this morn, dropping off Blood… Continue Reading →

the sisters and I sit in the living room…

Current Mood: sad Current Music:sound of familywe’re able to call and text and communicate … but we don’t say or tell things all that well …Here’s what my sister Blood has written, and I think it’s great.+++Hi Everyone –This is… Continue Reading →


just really . fuck!and damn itand shit… love ya ma. ( 4 comments ) smoakes777 2008-10-21 06:12 am (UTC)( very sorry.We’re sending you our most loving thoughts. agincourtdb2008-10-22 06:25 pm (UTC)( sent you a hug (via A.), but I wanted… Continue Reading →

Saturday afternoon…

Current Mood:concerned Current Music:Mountain Goats – This YearDust to Glory is on the tv – mesmerizing both Zach and I – hey – that’s a VW Beetle running the Baja 1000!!!!!!We did a 6 mile ride on bicycles this afternoon,… Continue Reading →


Current Mood:enthralled so, we’re finally having some trees trimmed. Damn they’re good – missed the house by about as much as Matt missed his mom’s house the other year. Close!Go BJ Boak! s.

One man’s dream… to share so that a miracle can happen.

Current Mood:concerned Current Music:James Nachtwey’s TED TalkI’ve talked about TED before. I’ve seen James Nachtwey’s talk – it’s very moving, disturbing and memorable. He has the hope that by sharing with people who care about a tragic situation, we –… Continue Reading →

Ma’s finally heading home from Albany…

or so says Blood – but you know how SHE is!!! hope their trip is quick and painless … ciao,s

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