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Month November 2008

Quarter Turn :: 1967

Current Mood: hopefulCurrent Music:No Doubt – SpiderwebsWell, by definition, nothing for me to write about, per se.However, by basic deduction/math, I’d say that novemberish would have been a good time to recall. Oh, what is this you ponder? Well, I… Continue Reading →

on a cool but sunny wintry morn…

Current Mood: thankful Current Music:sunshine in the officewe sit in our hobbit house, boo in a snuggly warm robe, me waiting to run to the office, blue curled up in a blanket on the couch.Things are good. we had a… Continue Reading →

The fall…

Current Mood:awakehas fallen. Leaves have left, and the golden sunlight pours into our house, our little hobbit house. Shall we prepare for the coming cold? snuggle down into our burrows and rest until spring has sprung? Sure. It’s as good… Continue Reading →

Thanks America…

Current Mood: tiredCurrent Music:Television, the drug of a nationI needed this. A lot.Hope. Hope for a better tomorrow. s

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