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Month December 2008

and that’s a wrap …

Current Mood: crazy Current Music:The Dresden Dolls – Backstabberwow. 2008 comes to a close, with 2009 looking to be quite memorable too! (go obama go!) I’m sitting here on a quet Saturday morn (oops – no, it’a actually a wednesday!),… Continue Reading →


Current Mood: thankful1998 – wow – that was a great year. Turned 30 in July, nearly burned a cake to ashes. I worked at Merrill Lynch in Pasadena until a ‘market correction’ in October placed me in the ‘laid off’… Continue Reading →

and on mondays, we ponder the weekend…

Current Mood: goodthe pizza party with 8 year olds on friday … followed by more pizza at the ‘Shroom! (!) for dinner…the day at the museum on Saturday, followed by chinese takeout and Wii Rock Band until it’s really too… Continue Reading →


Current Mood: confusedDec 1992. Ok, again we dig into the memories … possibly in the midst of losing my gig at Saturn of Sunnyvale, having had an odd turkey day whirlwind of time spent with Yvette, with Pamela, possibly with… Continue Reading →


Current Mood:awakeCurrent Music:Eve’s Plum – Save a Prayer1980 … Let’s see. Let’s call it December, since it is.’86 graduate, so I’d be in 7th grade? The Parkway, in the day, held onto us release 6th graders (ciao, Westmoreland Road Elementary!),… Continue Reading →

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