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Month January 2009

I was watching the clock this morning..

Current Mood: thankfulCurrent Music:the rolling stones – start me upsaw 4:00 at, I’d assume, 4 this morning. why would I open my eyes at the top of the hour? Then 6:30 or so, where I was wide awake. completely, alphabet… Continue Reading →

oh the things I should write about…

Current Mood:awake Current Music:tumbling tumble, er, dryer noisesever get into a place where the mind is in overdrive for the briefest periods of time? like 5 minutes – in the shower… weeeee!!!! and then you spend the next 18 hours… Continue Reading →

we’re having a snow wave… a carolina snow wave…

Current Mood: happyas we get a new leader for our country. awesome! s imagine – pics! +++( 1 comment)agincourtdb2009-01-21 07:50 pm (UTC)(… I love that second pic, that’s gorgeous.


Current Mood: thankfulCurrent Music:The Goo Goo Dolls – Slilde – LiveAh. 2001.Rhode Island appears on the shiny coin, vended by the drink-o-matic as I pursue destroying my ongoing resolution against diet cola drinks. Damn it.2001 – Boo and I were… Continue Reading →

somehow I’m tickled to read this …

Jailer fired Oh how I do live in the south… ~ S ~ ||| dona nobis pacem</br>||| “Keep Calm and Carry On”

To chance!

Current Mood: thankfu lCurrent Music:The Dresden Dolls – Delilahquite right, ed. To chance… had a nice chat with Mickeymatt tonight – he’s excited as he builds a web prescence for himself and his business. yay matt! chatted with blood a… Continue Reading →

um, from my sister…

she offered it as a chortle to end my week. wow. http://www.likecool.com/Apple_MacBook_Wheel–News–Gear.html enjoy. s.

and so it’s a sunday evening…

Current Mood: happy Current Music:a dishwasher doing it’s duty!!!boo is recuperating from an enjoyable (or over-enjoyable) evening of drinks served in pyrex. Wonderful world-class guitar hero rocking out. Nate’s celebration of emerging adulthood. A bbq joint that made the vegetarian/vegan… Continue Reading →

it’s not like it’s new … or challenging.

Current Mood:bemusedCurrent Music:DMB – Crash (live)it’s a tuesday. In January. Time to get things going – again. or for once.so what do I do? too much of the same ol – same ol – and why? Habit? fear? huh …oddly… Continue Reading →

…” is this thing on?” I believe is how Boo wants to start the year…

Current Mood: happy Current Music:Black Mule (Live) – The Go-BetweensYou see, since back around turkey day, I’ve been having a minor issue with my oh so nice cell phone – it hasn’t been ringing to tell me of an incoming… Continue Reading →

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