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Month March 2009

Saturday in March…

Current Mood: thankfulthe rain makes that awesome rain noise – plit plat plit plat… a cool spring breeze rolls in through the living room window, over the back of the sofa and onto my shoulders and neck. Blue sits beside… Continue Reading →

it’s a bit late, I’m feeling a little amped up..

Current Mood: thankfuland finally – finally – the ps3 rolls the upconverted dvd picture happiness, but first – “when people who used to wrap tin foil around bunny rabbit antennas get a ps3…” See, I hooked up things last night… Continue Reading →

so, what I’ve been looking for …

Current Mood: happy Current Music:the sound of a virus scan on Magnolia and the ps3 restarting!showed up the other day on our doorstop. So, for the past few years – since I saw the sexyness that is apple’s iPods, I… Continue Reading →


Current Mood: thankful Current Music:that my friends is the sound of procrastination!!March, 2005 – Oregon is lovely – with crater lake on it’s quarter back.Let’s see if I can guess at spring 2005 … Pretty flowers, disney group work including… Continue Reading →

cold and gray … like my pizza

Current Mood: contemplative Current Music:U2 – Bad (Live from Live Aid)it’s how I like my coffee, no – wait. “I grabbed the two cold and stiff slices, my mug o’ Joe, and my backpack as I headed out into the… Continue Reading →

we’re gonna have to remember on our own…

Current Mood: sad Current Music:Willie Nelson – Willie Nelson – Blues Eyes Crying Inand that’s sad. But at least I’m remembering her calls… thanks. for all the help, all the time ma. s. ~ S ~ || dona nobis pacem… Continue Reading →

mornings like this…

Current Mood: happy Current Music:Love & Rockets – No New Tale To Tellwith the wayback machine cranked to 11! I’m having a good morning – loving the fact that the sun is up (note to self – enjoy February/March here… Continue Reading →

Livin’ in a winter wonderland

Current Mood: impressed Current Music:The Mountain Goats – Snow Owlwoke up to this wonderfulness today …shouldn’t have been surprised – rolled in from Matt’s in Knoxville yesterday – 6 hours of driving thru snow … whoa. s.+++( 1 comment) agincourtdb2009-03-04… Continue Reading →

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