~ from the Hunsrück to the Triangle in 25 years

Month April 2009

“If I Didn’t Love You…

Current Mood:indescribableI’d Hate You”

“My My My it’s a beautiful world …”

Current Mood: sadCurrent Music:Colin Hay – Beautiful World – Scrubs Soundtrack“I like traveling in my car / I travel quite far / I travel to the ocean and stare up at the stars …this is as good as it gets…… Continue Reading →

stumbled upon a memory …

Current Mood: nostalgicCurrent Music:Big Country – In A Big CountryThe Who – singing a song called Athena, I think.Yes – Wikipedia gives me knowledge …The first track, “Athena,” is one of the few songs that was well received on It’s… Continue Reading →

nice …

Current Mood: happy Current Music:The Bouncing Souls – Kids and Heroes (Live)“As the battle wore on, the casualties mounted, forcing winded hipsters to leave the circle to catch their breaths.” Hope you had a lot of fun on your side… Continue Reading →

ponder the tunes that vibrate through your life…

Current Mood: happy Current Music:Social Distortion – Ring of FireI sat, snuggled up to Blue, her under my left arm, a blanket across my legs. She kept distracting me by being so damn cute. She was nappin under my wing,… Continue Reading →


Current Mood:unfocusedApril 1991. Let’s see …Iraq war ends, so I’m in Sunnyvale, CA. Wondering. Worrying. Wearing a Mustache!!!! 22 year old pondering the world. Think the world wins that one. Recall (what’s her name) with her cats, she worked at… Continue Reading →

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