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Month May 2009

Seems I need about 24 hours …

Current Mood: thankfuland with the setting sun I felt a wave of relief, release … The day has gone well, with a visit to the beach (so nice and settling to my mind), relaxing chit chat, and high pressure water!Boo… Continue Reading →

We won two pins last night at the Pin Projekt!!

Current Mood: happyWoot!!! Here’s ‘hellraiser’ – a perfect fuck you to the bowling balls of the world!!! And here’s Clementine from Jodi Hoover … oh clementine… a great collection last night – 20 pins I think – with some awesomeness… Continue Reading →

Don’t postpone joy …

Current Mood: thankfulfrom a piece of paper in Ramona … Boo’s handwriting – yay. ~ S ~ || dona nobis pacem || “Keep Calm and Carry On” or “Keep Calm … and Cupcakes!”

Had a great time last night…

Current Mood: thankfulout with coworkers, hit up a ‘front porch fridays’ at the carolina inn, then went and towers of beer at ham’s. weeeee… got up early today – that’s not bad – and got to listen to an hour… Continue Reading →

Our friend alex died this morning …

Current Mood: sadHere’s where I put something like “fuck”, or maybe “this really sucks”. Then I go with “it’s crappy, but he’s not in pain anymore, and that’s a good thing” I will say he has some of the greatest… Continue Reading →

Our friend Alex is dying … and it sucks.

Current Mood: thankful Current Music:Running Up That Hill – Placebo & Kate Bush“if only I could make a deal with god … to change places…” at 3 in the morning, Boo heads off, silently, into the night. She’s off to… Continue Reading →

“the salvation army band played..

Current Mood: nostalgicand the children drank lemonadeand the morning lasted all day …” wow – Life in a norther town – by The dream academy plays on the tv – yay PS3 trippy visualizations … but the track’s on my… Continue Reading →

Free comic books ROCK!!!

but, as I tried to be amusing about it – the first one’s free, says the pusher. I gave Boo crap for picking up an Archie comic. We chatted with a very nice comic book writer who was in the… Continue Reading →

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