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Month June 2009

From Meet the Robinsons …

Bowler Hat Guy: Now, my slave, seize the boy![T-rex traps Lewis in the corner, but has trouble grabbing him]Bowler Hat Guy: What’s going on? Why aren’t you seizing the boy?T-Rex: I have a big head and little arms. I’m just… Continue Reading →

This is just a test…

to see if it gets picked up in … ugh … facebook.yeah – what the hell am I thinking?? s.+++( 2 comments)agincourtdb2009-06-27 09:59 pm (UTC)If you’re using Networkedblogs I’ve noticed that it only really updates once a day, in the… Continue Reading →

26 Jun, 1987 … a stranger in a strange land

Current Mood: nostalgic Current Music:Neil Young – Dance Dance DanceScott becomes an international man of mystery. Or maybe I just arrived at Hahn AB. which would have looked something like this:except they didn’t fly me into Hahn. Flew into Frankfurt…. Continue Reading →

Hey – need a place to get password suggestions?

Current Mood: thankful Current Music:Radiohead – Fake Plastic Treesperhaps UNC’s main password site can help: UNC’s Password Generator We’re running a ‘change every 90 days’ routine, and I have to say I’ve been impressed at how easy it is to… Continue Reading →

::quarterTurn:: 1983

Current Mood: thankfulJune 1983. Let’s see what I can remember…Summer time from 1 Trinity Ave … bicycling, I suspect, since I was all of 15 (turning 15 at that!) … was this the summer of bike rides to Fox road,… Continue Reading →

Lightning Field

Forget how long ago I saw this on the internet… Lightning Field   Originally uploaded by aur2899 (Bklyn Museum Web) The Lightning Field The site will explain the details, but out in New Mexico is a field dotted with lightning rods…. Continue Reading →

Not quite iPhone-tastic … but still…

Current Mood: impressed Current Music:Bob Dylan – Sad Eyed Lady Of The LowlandsSo, we rolled out to the big city last night to enjoy Carrie’s birthday dinner. The food, delicious. Bab’s dessert surprise – wow. Catching ‘The Hangover’ afterward –… Continue Reading →

It’s right to remember the beginning of a period of joy, right?

Current Mood: thankful Current Music:ticky tacky of keyboard keysThis weekend went past and I now feel I should have at least pursued a cupcake with celebratory intent. Blood offers an alternate take – too much publicness, and though I understand… Continue Reading →

a day to be happy …

Current Mood: thankfula lovely day at the beach … wind and sand and sea … friends and happy pups … friends having a great time, no one wanting to leave. chat with sis – she’s doing ok. ok. Miss ya… Continue Reading →

wow … wow

Current Mood: sad Current Music:Pink Floyd – Wish You Were Herewell, was gonna start with how it was 6 years ago when we committed to opening our hearts – a move that’s been amazing. So, happy 6th anniv, Blue Monkey… Continue Reading →

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